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In the first half of the year, panel prices stabilized and the capital market was ready to launch.
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In the first half of the year, panel prices stabilized and the capital market was ready to launch.

Abstract: Beijing time on 09 02, large area of the LCD panel prices last year to the mobile phone industry caused great distress, industry analysis, in the first half of 2017 LCD panel supply relationship is relatively stable, the second half of the year will be based on market supply and demand, but the overall for the panel industry is good for one year.

And the focus of attention as a capital market, display and touch area and the most intensive industry capital enterprises, at the beginning of New Year, some listed companies are also started to layout, and the part of some of the listed companies were suspended last year can cause industry change in this year also we need to wait and see.

The top ten mergers and acquisitions of the industry in 2016: the value of billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, and the industry is still a precious commodity in the eyes of capital.

1. After the acquisition of xinhui with 12.4 billion jingwei electric materials, it is easy to be changed to the factory for more than 20 years.

On December 6, jingwei electric material throws a major asset reorganization plan, the company plans to acquire the new brightness 100% equity with the price of 12.4 billion yuan, layout display area.

Founded on October 8, 1993, xinhuikai technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. Is a senior enterprise that has served many fortune 500 enterprises. Early for Singapore hui group processing plant, in May 1995, become a sole proprietorship enterprise, in April 2000 by the United States international display technology group (IDW) acquisition become its subordinate enterprises, in March 2005, forming a color LCD manufacturing north branch factory. It was acquired by flextronics group in December 2006. In December 2012, it was acquired by hengxin weiye (Hong Kong) investment co., LTD. (NVD).

Company is specializing in research, development and production of small liquid crystal displays, LCD display module, touch screen module of state-level high-tech enterprises, has more than 30 years in the industry technology development and related management experience, has the first-class small LCD automatic production line and COB, TAB, SMT, PCBA, COG, TFT, touch screen, such as liquid crystal display module assembly line, technical force is abundant. The company has a registered capital of us $21.2 million, with an investment of us $41.4 million. We have more than 20,000 square meters of self-built workshop and 10,000 square meters of rental plant, with 2,000 employees.

Jingwei electric material is mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sales of electromagnetic wire and reactor products. After completion of the reorganization, the listed company's main business will be run by a single high-end electromagnetic wire and power equipment manufacturing into high-end electromagnetic wire and power equipment manufacturing and touch display product manufacturing two-wheel driven the development of the situation, form a diversified business model. Through industrial expansion, listed companies will be able to reduce the single risk of the industry effectively, and make a new profit growth point through the acquisition of a strong touch control display business segment.

2. The acquisition and display of flight kai materials of 1.06 billion, entering the field of display materials.

On November 25, the flight kai materials announcement showed that, with the acquisition and display of 1.064 billion yuan, the layout of liquid crystal display material field.

Liquid crystal materials is the key to the liquid crystal display optoelectronic materials, widely used in all kinds of terminal display products, including television, computers, mobile phones, electronic notepad, calculator, automotive instrumentation, telephone etc. At present, the suppliers of high-end liquid crystal materials in the world mainly focus on the three major international manufacturers, taking TFT liquid crystal materials as an example. MERCK of Germany and Japan CHISSO and DIC account for 96% of the global market share. At present, we are looking forward to the three domestic manufacturers in China: yonghua, Beijing 800 million LCD and display. And become the main customers for Beijing Oriental, China electric panda, China star photoelectric and other panel manufacturers.

Boe in the coming three years there are two lines to 8.5 generation and a 10.5 generation were completed and put into operation, huaxing photoelectric have 1 article 11 generation line will be completed and put into operation in shenzhen, CLP group company also have two panda belong to 8.5 generation line put into operation in succession. The current production capacity and TFT consumption of the domestic LCD panel line will be more than 450 tons in 2019. At present, the domestic production rate of TFT liquid crystal materials is less than 15%. As a supplier of domestic mainstream panels, the future growth will be achieved as the product penetration rate increases.

Comprehensive and fly kay material platform layout are in the works, in addition to the acquisition and display, AnQingFei kay about 110 million yuan investment with self-owned capital to build 110 million t/a synthesis of new materials project, layout PCB electronic level upstream phenolic resin and pharmaceutical intermediates halogenated hydrocarbon; With its own funds to APEX owns a 100% stake in the big red technology acquisition, into the semiconductor packaging with tin ball industry, with the company's original cleaning fluid, stripping liquid form synergy, semiconductor electronic chemicals such as IC layout material more perfect.

3. Lansi technology bought liansheng for 12.2 billion yuan, aiming at equipment and real estate.

On December 12, the company announced that the company had won all the rights to its land use, plant and machinery with a total of 12.2 billion yuan.

League wins the original belongs to Taiwan's second-largest touch panel manufacturer wintek's subsidiary, mainly engaged in TFT - LCD flat-panel display, display materials, touch system (touch screen, touch components, etc.) in the research, development, was apple's important suppliers.

Due to the deterioration of the company's technology performance, the company has been discontinued in December 2014, and all employees have been demoted, and it was decided by the dongguan intermediate people's court on August 13, 2015. In fact, it has been almost two years since the company stopped production.

Blue technology official, he says, is "the asset of mark is bankruptcy reorganization of the company, mainly in order to acquire its assets, the company operating the also have a few years before, the relevant basic facilities are very mature and perfect, buy over there must be a follow-up after integration. In fact, lens technology is not only a company that makes products, but also has the capability of r&d and self-improvement of production equipment. Although it is said that it has been discontinued for two years, it can be recovered through subsequent debugging.

Blue technology as apple window glass suppliers, since listing, efforts to change the present situation of the customer orders a single, reduce operating risk at the same time, the overall layout of the mobile phone related supply chain, to the carrier grade enterprise evolution.

4. The company purchased SONY south China company for 1.58 billion yuan, and continuously laid out automobile intelligence.

On November 7, the company announced that it would buy 100% of SONY electronics south China ltd. for 1.58 billion yuan.

By SONY SONY electronics south China co., LTD. Is established in guangzhou in 2004, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, the company main business for the production and sales of miniature cameras and related components, has the industry's top camera module development and packaging technology. In 2015, SONY's south China company's operating income was 6.828 billion yuan, with a net profit of 109 million yuan.

Castle light said, through the acquisition, the company will receive the accumulation of its advanced technology and operation management mode, quickly improve the level of the company camera module production and manufacturing technology, at the same time, through the integration of digestion, absorption, SONY sound internal quality and operation management system, help to increase the company's management level to the international first-class level, continue to strengthen the company core competitiveness in the field of the camera.

From the Philippines in recent years, many times to buy buy buy, light the light on to the control panel and on-board camera, focus on four major product lines: layout of intelligent driving products, intelligent control, the upgrading of traditional Internet + hardware, automotive electronics, combined with the thin light touch technology, image technology and biological recognition technology, ultimately form a set of intelligent, security, user experience in the integration of a set of cost-effective automotive intelligent system solutions, to become the core of the smart car industry suppliers and competitive international first-class brand.

5. Jointly purchase zhuhai chenxin for 100 million yuan, and locate the top supplier of mobile phone main parts.

Last year on $3.5 billion of pubic international photoelectric, horizontal wave of big success wholly owned electronic and byd part, in June of this year, resultant force tai again with 100 million yuan price bought a 100% stake in zhuhai morning new layout high-end LCD market. At this point, the company's business in the mobile phone industry chain is further extended, and the production lines of the core components such as LCD module, touch screen, fingerprint module and camera module are further improved.

It is reported that in 2015, the company's revenue was about 5 billion yuan, and the revenue in the first half of this year has reached the level of last year. It is expected to increase 2.5 times this year. In addition to the LCD module, touch screen, fingerprint module and core parts such as camera module together has also provide matching of FPC, plate glass, backlight, etc., aims to be top mobile home accessories suppliers.

The company's strategy has been identified several years ago, with the use of bundling as a way to get closer and closer to customers, the company said. "In the market alone, the fingerprint module will have a bigger step up, especially in the next year, when the market demand will go up another step, which is not something that one can do." Together, the company will stick to the strategy of bundling and bundling more closely with our main customers.

TP module, camera module, and the fingerprint module, business scope and expanding route because of the similarity, the resultant force tai often be compared with the thin light, a few years down, also gradually clear the path of the difference, the light around the great intelligence and data on the layout, and the resultant force is specializing in mobile phone consumer electronics field.

6. With the purchase of us microchip technology for $23 million, the touch chip industry is increasingly concentrated in China.

On November 1, crystal door Technology SOLOMONSYSTECH(02878.HK) announced that it would buy the maX Touch related assets and Technology of Microchip Technology Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as "Microchip Technology") for $23 million in cash.

Founded in 1989, the company is a leading global supplier of integrated SCM, hybrid signal, simulator and flash patent solutions. The sale of the maX Touch Touch technology comes from a $3.56 billion acquisition of Atmel on Jan. 20, 2016, which was heavily used by samsung and xiaomi phones.

Since 2014, several foreign touch chip manufacturers in the Chinese market have been clearly under pressure from local chip manufacturers. Atmel metal grid technology promotion blocked, gradually fade out the small and medium size capacitance screen market, to change the focus of our business to the automotive electronics and gestures to control deviation, and in January this year to other business and touch the business sold packaged together to quickly enter the micro core technology in the field of Internet of things, and now is rid of the microchip, and sold to the original MOTOROLA out of crystal door technology.

The technology and semiconductor products of the seller's maX Touch are widely used in mobile phones and tablets, the company said. The maXTouch technology is better than the flexible OLED touchscreen controller market. Advanced mobile touch technology, especially integrated touch and display (" TDDI ") and flexible OLED display, is expected to have strong growth potential. And mobile touch is one of the key business of China big semiconductor group.

7. The Japanese letterpress printing 2.525 billion new Taiwan dollars to take over the giant shares, small and medium panel capacity transfer.

On November 24, the company announced that it would clear about 54 percent of its stake in the company, the Japanese company Ortus, with an estimated transaction amount of nt $2.535 billion, due to be completed by the end of march next year. The company is expected to be supported by Japan's high order panel technology, while Ortus has the capacity of 4 generation plants to further expand its market position in vehicle and industrial control panels.

ORTUS held by high volume production of sophisticated technology and giantplus technology together, and will continue to expand the vehicle-mounted LCD market oriented, strengthen industrial machine to the business of small and medium-sized LCD panel. As a result, the ORTUS target will reach 60 billion yen in sales by 2020.

Chunghwa picture tubes at the end of last year began to strategic withdrawal from low consumer electronics market, once shut down its function machine panel line, the residual capacity is concentrated in industrial control, automotive, flat, and professional commercial display area, the main operating energy is transferred to the listing in mainland China for the shell of CPT technology line 6 generations. The price of LCD panels in the market quickly recovered and continued to soar in the second quarter, with the company benefiting from the wave of price fixing.

Low generation line shut down continuously in the whole world, a - Si capacity under the condition of shrinking, although function machine panel prices have turned over several times during the year, but if industrial control, such as car market growth, does not exclude the relevant panel enterprises continue to consumer electronics a - Si capacity and transformation for the automotive, industrial capacity, higher value the giantplus with Ortus cooperation, is very obvious example.

8. Liyad wholly-owned NP, positioning "the leader of VR/AR business application"

On November 4, the company announced that it would buy a 100% stake in NATURALPOINT(" NP ") for $125 million, through its affiliate, pindar. NP will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of pindar. At the same time, the company will buy the company's real estate in corvallis, in benton, Oregon, for $3 million.

Founded in 1996, NP has the world's leading 3D optical motion capture technology, and the optitrack series optical positioning products developed by NP company are in the leading position in VR/AR field. Including The world's first VR theme park, The VOID, and The domestic famous motion capture company noyiteng used optitrack series products. In addition, NP products are also used in industrial grade optical tracking positioning and animation CG production.

This year, liyad has a lot of investment in VR. The company, which invested $2 million in Hong Kong to set up PV ML LLC, paid $5 million from Legend Pictures for its 21.7 million shares in Magic Leap. Liyad group also invested 15 million yuan to jointly set up Beijing black crystal technology with Qingdao black crystal technology co., LTD., together with Qingdao black crystal technology co., ltd. to jointly explore the VR education, offline experience store and other fields.

Market by VR/AR is the development trend of the future, leah DE positioning VR/AR commercial application in the field of led, NP is the very good company in the field, has unique and profound technical advantage, and NP is the field a few confirmed the revenue and profit of the company, and the children of leah, DE is fit in the layout of the VR/AR, namely the implementation results fall to the ground and income generation, not just the pursuit of pure technology development.

9. Dongxuguang electric co., LTD. Has purchased graphene company for 70 million yuan, and the sword refers to the industrial landing of graphene.

On March 8, east lumena announcement, proposed acquisition of Shanghai in the form of share purchase and increase endowment spread carbon source valley new material technology co., LTD. 50.5% stake, become the controlling shareholder of Shanghai carbon source valley.

Shanghai carbon source valley is a focus on graphene preparation and application technology development of large-scale enterprises, in the preparation of single layer graphene and graphene oxide, separation and purification technology and process are made breakthrough progress, including line production of graphene products has achieved more than 99% of the single rate, purity

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