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Note for LCD usage.
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1. Ensure that the cable is plugged in the state of power shutdown.

2. When fixing the liquid crystal screen, the whole liquid crystal screen should be kept flat, so as to avoid the "bending" and "distortion" of the LCD screen.

3. Be sure to be careful of the surface polarizing film on the LCD screen to avoid being cut by hard objects (never put hard objects above the LCD screen)

4. If the water droplet is stuck in the liquid crystal module for a long time, it may cause discoloration or stain, so be sure to clean the module in time.

5. When the surface of the screen is stained, use pure cotton or soft cloth to wipe if there is still dirt on it, you can blow first and then wipe it.

6. Liquid crystal module should be taken, because the liquid crystal box is a glass product, it is fragile, and falling and tapping may cause the glass to break.

7. Liquid crystal module adopts CMOS-LSIs, so when dealing with liquid crystal module, it is necessary to prevent static electricity. Operators must have effective grounding measures.

8. When pulling the inverter, do not drag the backlight.

9. Do not expose the liquid crystal module to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light.

10. Because the visual characteristics of the liquid crystal module can be changed due to different perspectives. Therefore, when assembling, should fully consider the user in the best Angle of view position.

11. If the liquid crystal storage is below the specified storage temperature limit, it may cause the crystal crystallization and lead to unrecoverable damage. If placed above the temperature limit of storage temperature, the liquid crystal may become isotropic liquid, thus unable to recover the liquid crystal state.

12. Do not remove the liquid crystal module, which may damage the liquid crystal module.

13. The gases used in the equipment or packaging materials such as epoxy resin (amine hardened material), silicone adhesive (dealcohol binder or oxime adhesive) may cause the withdrawal of polarizing film.

. Therefore, it is necessary to check the compatibility of materials.

14. There are electronic components on the back of the liquid crystal module, so avoid extrusion on the back side during the design, assembly and disposal, otherwise the electronic components may be damaged.

15. Comply with other precautions regarding the use of electronic components and recommend that the liquid crystal module be checked as close to the actual operating environment as possible.

16. Because the liquid crystal module is enclosed in the outer frame, the attachment is carefully used in the design.

17. When the plug-in interface is connected to the plug-in, it is necessary to keep the connector of the LCD module in the same horizontal and peaceful direction.

18. In the disposal of liquid crystal modules or installed in the equipment, if the long time is placed in the air with oxidizing or reducing gas, or using reagents, solvents, adhesives, resins, etc.

The material of such gas may cause the liquid crystal module to be corroded and discolored.

19. Do not place the module of the adhesive film in the high temperature environment, otherwise the protective film will stick to the surface of the module.

20. It is best not to touch the polarizing film of the liquid crystal module at any time, and stain the stain easily.

21. Do not yank the backlight wires at any time (including from the packing box), otherwise it will be easy to damage the wire.

22. It is recommended that the operator should wear anti-static clothing when dealing with the liquid crystal module and wear a grounding bracelet.

23. Don't put too much pressure on TCP on the back of the module, or it will damage TCP.

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