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TFT screen, LED backlight and full view IPS LCD screen specific differences.
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This is a problem of three different types of technology in liquid crystal. TFT:TFT is a batch of thin film transistors, meaning that each liquid crystal pixel is driven by a ThinFilmTransistor that is integrated at the back of the pixel. It's the active driver now. It corresponds to a very early black and white display as a passive driver. Now it's basically the tft-lcd that is used in higher resolution. Besides, LED backlight, due to the liquid crystal display (LCD) is a kind of active light-emitting display technology, that is to say, the LCD panel is only a light switch, control switch to display the image of each pixel. That's what's behind the light switch that needs a light source to shine. This light source is called backlight. There are two types of backlight sources: FCCL (cold cathode tube) and LEC(light-emitting diode). And LED backlight is the light source is LED. IPS is a full view technology, which was first patented by Hitachi, and now both LG and chimei are licensed. In contrast, the direction of the LCD in the panel is different. Thus, the effect of enlarging Angle of view is realized. That is, in the more broad Angle of the display device left and right, the effect of the display, the color change is not big. IPS technology has obvious advantages: if the Angle of view is wider, there is no obvious color change in pressing the screen, but it can also lead to the increase in energy consumption (light transmiting rate). As a TV use, there is an advantage, but as a mobile phone, computer, IPS has no advantage.

.vga and RGB interfaces.

The difference between VGA and RGB interfaces is the abbreviation of VGA: Video Graphics Array (Video Graphics Array), and the signal type is the analog type. IBM introduced a computer display standard for analog signals in 1987. The VGA interface, also known as the d-sub interface, is 15 pin trapezoidal plug, divided into 3 rows, 5 for each row, transmitting analog signals. VGA interface USES the asymmetric distribution of 15 pin connection mode, its working principle: is the image in digital format stored in memory (frame) signal in a RAMDAC through simulation made simulation high frequency signal, and then output to a display device imaging. RGB: it is called color light trichromatic, red, green and blue respectively, using additive color method, which directly leads to our eyes, such as screen display. Its value is R: 0--255 G, 0--255 B, 0--255 RGB values are larger, so it is white when RGB is 255, and black when it is zero. The RGB interface is the video interface with three primary colors, which is commonly referred to as the color difference component interface. The color difference Component (Component) interface is identified by YPbPr and YCbCr.

Line by line scan chromatism output, the latter said.

Alternate scan color difference output. The color difference component interface generally USES three signal lines to transmit bright color and two color difference signals respectively. The three groups of signals are respectively: brightness to Y annotation, and from the two signals are three primary colors, blue and red, remove the luminance signal after the color difference signal, respectively labeled Pb and Pr, or Cb and Cr, respectively in three lines of tapping using green, blue, red difference. These three lines, if they interpose with each other, may not show the picture, or show strange colors. Color component interface is to simulate the interface, support 480 I / 480 p / 576 p / 720 p / 1080 I / 1080 p format video signal, itself does not transmit audio signals.

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