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Industrial Internet leads the industry rebirth.
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In this rapidly advancing age of intelligence, it is more important than harnessing the industrial Internet to harness our human desires and hearts. Today, human society has entered the era of electronic commerce brought by the Internet, and I'm afraid there is no doubt about it. China, the world's most populous country,

It has also made impressive achievements in the Internet, especially in e-commerce. In September 2014, alibaba, which is listed on the U.S. New York stock exchange, was valued at more than $230 billion.

The market capitalisation of the us securities market and the size of the $25bn in financing have set a new record for the size of the IPO. Founder jack ma also became China's richest man, creating a dream legend in the Internet age.

The Internet has reshaped the commercial retail world, and today, the "slow and steady change" of the Internet is pushing the industrial sector into the next era. In 2008, IBM came up with the idea of a "Smart Planet", at its core, the Internet ofThings. Human production and life will be.

The Internet of things is more deeply connected and integrated. And IT giants will likely create a smarter way of producing and living. For a moment, the wisdom of the planet, the power of wisdom.

The source, the wisdom of the medical, the intelligent transportation, the wisdom of the city, and even the wisdom of anything, as the IT magnates the publicity, the universal access to our vision.

From then on, many prescient entrepreneurs and seers saw a wave of new industrial revolution coming. This wave is the Internet's reshaping of the industrial industry today.

Many people think of the third industrial revolution, while the germans call it industry 4.0. At present, the development of this trend is getting faster and faster. The Internet has also fundamentally changed the traditional way of working of human beings, which has brought humanity from the traditional industrial era of bureaucratization and centralization.

The mode of control is liberated. Internet devices and people who operate the Internet can no longer work in sequential and linear ways, but can work in parallel and decentralize.

In the form of various transactions and production activities. In particular, the information transparency and unstructured innovation features brought by the Internet have led to the disintegration of the original enterprise management style. It overturns

In the first industrial revolution, resource-intensive production features, and information and knowledge-intensive as the main features, highlight the value of network and innovation. At the same time, it also gives us human beings.

A more environmentally friendly way of working, and a flourishing service economy. China's manufacturing industry faces a lot of problems at this particular moment, but it faces a lot of problems.

Various concepts, situations and perplexity.

Chen ning, general manager of information technology co., LTD., a practitioner of domestic intelligent solutions, believes that the industrial situation determines the way China's manufacturing industry seeks answers.

Germany's industrial base has been solid and software is lacking, and it is now right to focus on the software layer. American industry is software superiority, manufacturing defect, through software optimization.

It is also very appropriate to consolidate and integrate into the manufacturing sector. But the fact of our manufacturing industry has a complicated side: many manufacturing industries have not reached the "industrial 2.0", and the way to deal with it.

There should be a difference. The important thing is that you need more patience and attention. "' industry 4.0 'represents the future direction of the industry and the realization will be a long-term process.

If we lag behind, there will be big problems for the future national economy. Recent financial markets have also seen the phenomenon of "industry 4.0", more still stay.

At the conceptual level. Lack of performance and patience, focus on short-term benefits, radicalization, these are all very 'Chinese characteristics'. The source of China's manufacturing shortboard is here. Mr Vestbo

Pointed out. The industrial Internet will revolutionize the value chain, and new business models will emerge. The work model will be revolutionized by the "industrial Internet" and the digitisation of the economy.

. All of us have a wonderful vision of making the skies of manufacturing "blue" so that Chinese manufacturers can move up the blue sky to a higher level. In this

The rapidly advancing age of intelligence is more important than harnessing the industrial Internet to harness our human desires and hearts.

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