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A brief analysis of the common seven technical terms of LED display screen.
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With the rapid development of technology of LED display, LED electronic display screen and LED full-color displays, and so on but also presents the diversification development LED display products, LED display is now widely used in all walks of life, but for beginners, LED display a lot of professional term is don't understand, then LED display what are common terminology?

1. LED brightness: Luminous Intensity is generally used to indicate that the unit is the kendra CD; 1000ucd(micro candela)=1 MCD (millikendra), 1000mcd=1 CD. Indoor single LED light intensity is generally 500ucd-50 MCD, while the light intensity of single LED outside is 100 MCD -1000 MCD, or even 1000 MCD.

2. LED pixel module: the LED is arranged into a matrix or pen segment, which is prefabricated into a standard size module. Indoor display screen commonly used 8*8 pixel module, 8 words 7 paragraph digital module. Outdoor display pixel module has 4*4, 8*8, 8*16 pixels. The pixel module of outdoor display screen is composed of two or more LED tubes, so it is called the bundle module.

3. Pixel and Pixel diameter: each LED light emitting unit (point) that can be individually controlled in LED display is called Pixel (or Pixel). The pixel diameter is the diameter of each pixel, in millimeters.

4. Resolution: the number of pixels in the LED display pixel is called the resolution of LED screen. The resolution is the total amount of pixels in the display, which determines the information capacity of a display.

5. Grayscale: grayscale refers to the degree of change in the light and shade of the pixel, and the grayscale of one kind is generally 8 to 12. For example, if the grayscale of each base color is 256, for a double-base color screen, the color is 256 x 256=64K color, also called the 256 color display screen.

6. Double primary colors: most color LED displays today are dual-base color screens, that is, each pixel has two LED tubes: one is the red light pipe core and the other is green light pipe core. When the red tube core is bright, the pixel is red. When the green light pipe is bright, the pixel is green, while the red and green core is yellow when it is bright. The red, the green is called the base color.

7. Full color: red, green, and green, with blue base color. All three primaries constitute full color. Because the technology that forms full color blue tube and pure green tube core is mature now, the market basically USES full color.

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